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1. You may use my Posers to create personal siggy tags, backgrounds, websets, or use them in tutorials. Where they are used in tutorials, they may not be included in the provided supplies. Feel free to provide a link to here so that others may come and get the Posers for themselves.

2. You may resize them to a smaller size. They may not be made larger than their original size. My newer Posers are rendered in a fairly large size to begin with. You may also colorize them to go with the theme of your project. Slight animation, within reason is fine.

3. You MAY NOT behead, or distort my Posers in ways to make them unrecognizable.

4. You MAY NOT include my Posers as part of any collection or them them as your own. I retain the copyright to my Posers. Copyright is to be: © WyldAngel Designz

5. You MAY NOT make any monetary gain from my Posers. They are not to be offered on any forum, email, group, list, board, website, or other place where they can be downloaded or copied by the public. All downloads should be made from this blog.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A New Start

I made a decision to make a completely new start in this blog. So, I totally deleted everything that had been here. I am looking for another background for here as well, but seem to be having trouble getting them to set in properly.

I am going to start creating in DAZ again, so I will be sharing my Posers here, as well as some masks and attempts at tag templates.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We have snow on the ground, but it is just a taste of winter, though it is more than we've had before. I am not looking forward to winter or the snow this year.

Well peeps, I'm off to try and get some sleep, and after a few hours, I will attempt to install a new background here, and then start to create something to share.

Good night for now.

Love, Peace, Happiness

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