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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life's Been At It Again

I have been mostly absent from the computer world again except basically for FB. My mother passed away on May 15, and I've had a terrible time dealing with it. I thought that if I could get back to PSP or maybe designing some Posers, it would take my mind off of it, but I thought wrong. I would try to do something, and then my thoughts would wander to some time with Mom, and there goes what I was working on. I have managed to do a couple of tutorials, but those were even struggles.

It's a month and a half now, and after the long weekend, I am going to give designing Posers a try again. I miss working with Posers, but I miss my mom too. I'm sure that many people understand this feeling.

On top of this, I've been suffering with horrible headaches and our weather has been affecting the arthritis in my back. One day it's so hot that I can't stand it, and the next it's cold enough that it feels like it might snow. We were out today running some errands, and I noticed that the leaves have started to change on some of the trees. It's only July 1, and already, the leaves have started to change and fall. It's just telling us that the nights have been very cold.

To all Canadians everywhere, Happy Canada Day.

To the residents of the USA, Happy 4th of July.

I'm wishing everyone a wonderful, happy and very safe long weekend.

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  1. I sure do understand. I'd love to see some new posers on here and I understand about your mind wandering. I'm so sorry for your loss. Tonight the waterworks are going here with me. I love you, sis. hugzzzzzzzzz